Obsidian Relief Molds

Obsidian Relief Molds

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Bundle the corresponding Trim Jig with a Relief Mold and save $20! NOTE: You need to buy both at the same time, if you're looking to purchase a Trim Jig for a relief mold you already purchased, or one you had custom made, you need to consult us first. Andrew@2atechco.com

Our relief gun molds are the most detailed, precise, and durable resin gun molds available. We use a proprietary industrial grade resin that does not warp or bend like cheap, cutting board HDPE plastic. Our relief molds are ready for holster making, but not so blocky as to no longer resemble the gun. We take extra time machining these molds to make them the highest detailed gun molds out there.

Note: These molds are made for vacuum forming, NOT presses.

Comes with no vacuum press holes drilled, so you can place them wherever you want. However, we will drill holes for you if you so desire.

  • Machined with pure precision
  • Highly durable and resistant to heat; does not easily bend or warp
  • Extended barrel shows easy cutting line
  • Smooth surface makes for more definition and easy kydex removal